Keiye Miranda

Latest Works

If you place yourself in front of the painting for a little more time, let the black-and-white painting assume the light and the incidental color from where you stand, you may feel the coldness of the tiles. The swimming pool is empty - that is Sunken Playground's irrevocable fact. Not just empty so the pool can be cleaned and replenished but abandoned, a sorry spectacle that people have no more use of. If you let your mind slide on to the tile, you will feel dust not moisture.

The shadow should have warned you, threatening and onerous at the bottom of the pool. The harsh, dirty light is steady, the shadow like a collapsed leviathan will not move. If you look around the scene, there's nothing to see except a couple of palm trees, posts and wires, a gazebo with missing panels for a billboard. There is no sound, no wind to swoop down on the leaves and rattle them....

Sunken Playground V, 2009, oil on canvas 48 x 72 inches

Strangely Familiar

Strangely Familiar, Keiye Miranda-Tuazon’s portrait series of twin children at Finale, examines notions of identity and self, individuality and duality, looking and being.

This show was birthed from Miranda’s process of re-examining her earlier collections of photographs and images, particularly her series of twins produced for a group show entitled Surrounded at the Cultural Center of the Philippines nearly one decade ago in 2001....