Beneath the Surface
December 3-31, 2010
FINALE Art File, Upstairs Gallery, La Fuerza Compound
2241 Chino Roces Ave. Gate 1 Makati City

"Keiye Miranda has burst upon the art scene in 1998 roaming freely among photography, gallery assisting, art teaching and painting. But despite her various activities in this period, she immersed herself in modern art and experimented with photography as a starting point for her early works. Her practice and exposure has then led her to produce paintings based on the theme of underwater pool.

To her many followers, this series of painting is a celebration of what it is to be alive perpetual sunshine, relaxed atmosphere, carefree days at the pool and all year summer vacation. But while a few of her critics observe that her images of pool water is completely her own, the gradual changes in her style as well as the stories she has told in these works have received considerable attention among many of her followers. Her principal paintings have entered notable private collections and have since been fast becoming one of the more independent female artists of the contemporary period."